Member list


Prof. Nathan Abrams, School of Creative Studies and Media, (Key words: Film, Jewishness, history, politics, popular culture)


Prof. Vian Bakir,Professor in Political Communication & Journalism,  School of Creative Studies and Media, (Key words: risk, trust, terrorism, war, human rights, NGOs, agenda-building, journalism, social media, digital media, propaganda, surveillance, sousveillance, intelligence agencies)


Dr. Stefan Baumgarten,  School of Modern Languages, (Key words: Translation Studies, Critical Theory, Translation and Power, Eco-linguistics of Translation, Anglo-German Cultural Exchange; 19th Century German Anarchism, especially Max Stirner)

Dr. Keith Beasley, ELCOS, (Key words:evolutionary consciousness; transcendence praxis, integrated knowing, emotional intelligence, soft-skills, transcendent experience [in secular life])


Dr. Patricia Bestelmeyer, School of Psychology, (Key words: voice, music perception, accent, vocal attractiveness and vocal emotion perception and their neural underpinnings).


Michela Cortese, School of Creative Studies & Media, PhD candidate, (Key words: risk communication, visual communication, film, documentary, science & tecnology, natural hazards)


Dr. Andrew Davies, Ocean Sciences, Senior Lecturer,, (Key words: Marine biology, deep sea, reef forming organisms, seaweeds, spatial modelling, mapping and monitoring technology/sensors)


Dr. Doris Merkl-Davies, Bangor Business School, Reader in Accounting, Bangor Business School, 


Geriant Ellis, School of Creative Studies and Media, Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries,


Dr. Martina Feilzer, School of Social Science, Senior Lecturer, (Key words: criminal justice, UK, Europe, penal policy, criminology)


Prof. Louise Hassan, School of Business, (Key words: social marketing, health. culture, persuasion, information processing, consumer decision-making)


Dr. Erin Heerey, School of Psychology, Lecturer, (Key words: social cognition, decision-making, reward, learning, face-to-face social behavior)


Dr. Tim Holmes, School of Social Science, Teaching Associate in Research Methods, (Key words: Wales, SMEs, data fraud, con men)


Dr. Jaci Huws, School of Healthcare Science,  Lecturer in Public Health & Health Promotion, (Key words: Discourse Analysis [Discursive Psychology, Foucauldian], media representations; health, illness and disability)


Prof. James Intriligator, School of Psychology, (Key words: consumer psychology, neuromarketing, business)


Dr. Gillian Jein, School of Modern Languages, Lecturer in French Studies, (Key words: materialist, ecocritical and socio-political readings of urban artistic practices, human geographical and architectural understandings of place-making)


Dyfrig Jones, School of Creative Studies and Media, Lecturer in Media Studies and Media Production,


Ifan Morgan JonesSchool of Creative Studies and Media, Lecturer in Journalism, (Key words: journalistic practice, communication technology, Welsh language)

Samantha Kay, Disability Services, (Key words: Linguistics, Social Theory, Ancient Archaeology, Psychology)


Dr. Matthew Lewis, Centre of Applied Marine Sciences, (Key words: inundation modelling, climate change, coastal flood risk) 


Isamar Carrillo Masso, Graduate Teaching Assistant in New Media, School of Creative Studies and Media, (Key words: Media, gaming, corpus linguistics, gender)


Dr. Yvonne McDermott, School of Law, Lecturer, (Key words: criminial law, human rights, fair trial) 


Dr. Andrew McStay, Director of MPC, Reader in Advertsising & Digital Media, School of Creative Studies and Media, (Key words: advertising, creativity, digital media, persuasion, philosophy, politics and privacy)


Dr. Siwan Mitchelmore, Bangor Business School, Lecturer, (SMEs, persuasion, Wales)


Peggy Murphy, Lecturer in Adult Nursing, (nursing, studying, e-learning, interactivity)


Dr. Saskia Pagella, Climate Change Consortium of Wales (C3W)/Consortium Newid Hinsawdd Cymru,


Prof. John Parkinson, School of Psychology, Wales Centre for Behaviour Change, 


Dr. Karen Parkhill, SENERGy,, (Key words: Environmental risk perceptions; attitudes towards climate change mitigation, adaptation and remediation; attitudes towards energy supply; energy demand practices; perceptions of whole energy system change; low carbon transitions; perceptions of geoengineering; qualitative research; multi-modal methods)


Dr. Sara Parry, Bangor Business School, Marketing Communication and Advertising, (Key words: marketing communication, advertising, consumers, SMEs, media, social marketing)


Prof. Edward Shiu, Bangor Business School, Marketing,


Dr. Lyle Skains, School of Creative Studies and Media, Lecturer in Creative Writing,


Prof. Nick Stuart, Consultant Oncologist, Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, (Key words: cancer, cancer prevention, clinical trials, chemotherapy, patient education, psychology, rehabilitation)


Dr. Bill Teahan, Computer Science, Lecturer,, (Key words: artificial intelligence, intelligent agents, agent-based modelling, natural language processing, evolutionary algorithms, text mining, data mining, information retrieval).


Dr. Thora Tenbrink, School of Linguistics, Reader, (Key words: linguistic representations and cognitive processes)


Dr. Alison Wilde, School of Education, Lecturer,, (Key words: children, media, representation, disability and impairment).


Jo Wright, School of Creative Studies and Media, award-winning documentary and film maker,


Xin Zhao, School of Creative Studies and Media, PhD candidate, (Key words: soft power, China, journalism, economic issues, framing)



Ronan Devlin, Pontio Designer-in-Residence, (Key words: multidisciplinary artist/designer, pattern, connection, perception, uncertainty, digital)

Prof. David Miller, Professor of Sociology, University of Bath, (Key words: terrorism expertise, counter-terrorism, counterinsurgency, strategic communications, propaganda and psychological operations, public health, networks of influence, science communications, lobbying and corporate power, think tanks, investigative research methods, social network analysis, visualisation)

Dr. Piers Robinson, School of Social Sciences, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester, (Key words: political persuasion, Iraq wars, propaganda, mediated war)